About us

The Mellora way of design

Embracing Nature

Our spaces would constantly interact and speak with their natural surroundings. People who encounter our creations will always be close to nature - rivers, forests, or urban greens.

Sustainable Material

Committing to a green future is one thing, but we also need to ensure that we bring in the material science to deliver on our promises. We at Mellora, commit to taking an informed and proven approach for the same.

Minimalist Designs

Sustainability and minimalism go hand in hand. We promise to design living spaces that generate less waste and strive to build more purposefully through experiences rather than possessions.

Quality Craftsmanship

‘Just another development is what keeps us awake at night.’ We might have a simplistic approach to our projects, but we will never compromise on our quality, language of creations, and craftsmanship for scale and pace.

Trust Transparency

We work on the promise of WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get. We are here to build a legacy, a reputation that can only be achieved by building trust and transparency.